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Great American Taxi

Dr. Feel Good’s Traveling Medicine Show


SKU : LoHi-003
Great American Taxi - Dr. FeelGood's Traveling Medicine Show


“The latest from Great American Taxi, Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show, cartwheels wonderfully through a range of moods, all while sounding of a piece. From the carnivalesque title track to the expansive Motherlode, to the easy flowing, handmade feel of Home, this is an album that takes you on a journey that you’re glad to be on. It was an honor to produce this record, my second for the band, and a total blast working with them again!” – Tim Carbone “I’ve heard the new Taxi record once and I already know I’m going to memorize it. There is a new scene happening right now that mixes jam and Americana. This band started it with songs where you’re diggin’ the words so much you’re hoping maybe they won’t interrupt them with a hippie jam, until they do…and then you’re like…see? This is why I love these guys…it’s medicinal Americana…I just coined that…you can have it.” — Todd Snider “Dr. Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show,” the new album from Great American Taxi, with Arthur Lee Land now fronting, captures a slice of early 70s Clapton/Cale soft-boogie and country-rock and lets us recall the best of that past, without pandering to nostalgia just for the sake of it. On first needle drop, “We Can Run” is the hit on the new album. The cut instantly recalls early 70s era JJ Cale and Eric “Slowhand” Clapton soft boogie of cuts like “Lay Down Sally.” The title track, “Dr Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show” is a delectable bit of Americana carnival rock. “Home,” my other favorite, is a wonderful mid-paced walking tune steeped in a classic country-rock groove … and “All the Angels” plays to a darker, swampier, sweatier geography – one that feels thick and dank .. less Colorado, more Louisiana. Keeping on the Colorado Americana rock tradition of bands like Leftover Salmon, from whence the band was spawned, GAT produces a fun ride leading into 2017. – Chris K. / Colorado Playlist

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